Feasibility Studies

These are assessments on the viability of a project. It is a vital part of a proposed facility that should contain all the information required to support or reject a decision to develop a facility.

These should be conducted by an independent consultant and are not being produced just to endorse your idea. We have a list of consultants that produce high quality studies accepted by all major funders.

Feasibility studies are peer reviewed and additional opinions are sought on their validity. 

In short, done well a feasibility study provides an excellent guide to what you will get for your capital investment and minimizes or eliminates unanticipated surprises during construction and beyond. 

The Department of Internal Affairs Lotteries Grants support and fund a wide range of feasbility studies. They are an excellent place to start to acquire funds for your project.

You are not alone

Developing a facility is a mammoth task but you'll be happy to hear it has been done before and there is established good practice. Sport NZ has resources to help as do many Regional Sports Trusts, like us!

Best practice is to communicate and not operate in isolation. If a needs assessment has positively identified further investigation then collaboration and talking to those with experience will only bolster your efforts.

It is unlikely you are working on a one of a kind facility, someone in New Zealand has most likely been through this process and the team at Sport NZ has without a doubt played a role in it or knows the people involved. So let us know!

We want to make things easier not harder.

Raising Funds and the Spaces and Places Advisory Group

Any project that has a capital value of $200,000 or more is expected to have an accompanying letter from the Advisory Group when they apply to community funders.

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