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Want to get more active, but not sure who to talk to? We can answer any queries you have regarding sports and local activities, but if you just want to get going, here's a great place to start!

Below is a list of many of Southland’s Regional Sports Organisations and activities, and a link to their websites.

Where a website is unavailable, we have listed an email contact.

​​​​​​​Have fun!

Aerobics Click here

Archery Click here

Athletics Click here   

Badminton Click here

Basketball Click here  

Bike - Track Cycling Click here

Bike - Road Cycling Click here

Bike - BMX Click here  

Bike - MTB Click here

Billiards and Snooker Click here

Boccia Click here

Bowls Click here

Indoor Bowls Click here

Boxing Click here

Canoeing Click here  

Cricket Click here    

Croquet Click here    

Equestrian - Southland Pony​​​​​​​Club  Click here     

Fishing  Click here     

Football  Click here   

Golf  Click here   

GymSports Click here    

Hip Hop  Click here

Hockey Click here   

Ice Sports Click here   

Kart Sport  Click here

Latin Dancing  Click here 

Marching Click here   

Martial Arts - Fencing Click here 

Martial Arts - Ju Jitsu Click here   

Martial Arts - Judo Click here   

Martial Arts -Karate Click here

Martial Arts -Kendo Click here   

Martial Arts -Kickboxing Click here

Motorsport Click here   

Mountain Safety Southland Click here  

Netball Click here

Olympic Weightlifting Click here

Orienteering Click here   

Petanque Click here

Pickleball Click here

Rowing Click here

Rugby League Click here   

Rugby Union Click here

Shearing and Woolhandling Click here​​​​​​​

Shooting -Clay Target Click here

Shooting - Smallbore Rifle Click here

Snow Sports Click here   

Softball Click here   

Squash Click here   

Surfing/Board Riding Click here

Surf Lifesaving Click here 

Swimming Click here   

Synchronised Swimming Click here 

Table Tennis  Click here   

Tap Dancing Click here   

Ten Pin Bowling Click here

Tennis Click here

Touch Click here   

Triathlon and Multisport Click here   

Underwater Hockey Click here

Volleyball Click here   

Water Polo Click here

Wind Sports Click here

Yachting Click here


If details are not correct on this list and you would like to send us an update please email